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PRAISE FOR #1 BEST SELLER REJECTION! Book One of the Lou Drake Series

REJECTION Smart, hard-edged and fast-paced, it had me guessing to the end.  A truly enjoyable ride! 
-Christopher Reich, New York Time best selling author of Rules Of Vengeance. 

REJECTION is a HOME RUN of a mystery novel. Best I've read in years. The last fifty pages had me up until three AM! 
-John Austin - The Book Club WTAN 1340 am

REJECTION interview with 
John Austin on The Book Club Radio
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Thomas K. Matthews 
is a published author and award winning illustrator. As a life long
resident of San Diego County, he has seen the best and worst of it.
Former NYPD detective Lou Drake and his wife, Robin, are moving to San Diego, California to escape the freezing New York winters. A high-rise luxury condo that overlooks San Diego harbor is just the ticket. But when Robin is called away to help comfort her ailing sister, Lou finds himself in trouble again. With his friend, SDPD detective Patrick Hagan, as they are drawn into a conspiracy-laden mystery that starts with a corpse and leads to an old savings & loan scandal. Ragged Justice spins a web of deceit that goes deep into city politics, money redevelopment, power and the future of America’s Finest City.